Meeting Mikaela: Resilience Inc’s Rising Star

Mikaela’s energy radiates around her like an aura. We’re sure everyone who’s ever come in contact with her would agree. At Resilience Inc in St. Louis, MO, Mikaela’s love for people and exuberant charisma made her a natural for our company’s Management Traing Program; a program she is excelling at in every sense of the word. We decided to sit with Mikaela in order to learn more about this superstars past, how she found Resilience Inc, and how she plans to grow with the company over the next year.

First things first, Mikaela, where are you from?!

Well, I was born in Lorain, Ohio, and raised in Columbus, Georgia by the 2 greatest parents and older siblings someone could ask for. Growing up in a family that worshipped soccer, I played until I was 16 years old and then transitioned into cheerleading, which in fact earned me a scholarship to college.

It seems like sports and family played a big part in your development, right?

Absolutely. My older brother and sister, as well as sports, challenged me and taught me that if I wasn’t willing to put in the work, I couldn’t expect the results. I used that mentality for school too, starting dual enrollment courses in high school that helped me start college with a semester under my belt!

What was it like being a college athlete?

It was great. I also worked part-time, on top of classes, so it taught me a lot about balancing and scheduling. Throughout college, I worked at a law firm, lifeguarded, worked in the food industry, retail industry, and bartended. I believe each of those jobs, and cheer, prepared me to find Resilience Inc.

What happened after you graduated from Columbus State University?

I had a friend who was preparing to move to Nashville and mentioned she didn’t know anyone there. I told her that I would move with her and actually ended up doing so 6 months before she did. I began interviewing and stumbled upon an opportunity working for Resilience Inc’s client, AT&T, and that’s where I realized what my growth potential was.

What was it like moving somewhere where you knew no one?

Believe it or not, it never phased me. I started work and instantly had 30 new friends and by spending my free time with them, it helped me enjoy my work even more and develop stronger professional relationships. I was so open to moving, the company asked me to expand to St. Louis 6 months later and grow their market there and I jumped at the chance.

What are your goals with Resilience Inc for the rest of 2018?

Now that I’m 14 hours away from home, I look to help our client expand closer to home – hopefully somewhere in Georgia! My timeline is to be promoted into Assistant Management in June and Management by September. Long-term, I look to retire my parents and make them proud.

What advice do you have for people just starting with the company?

My advice is to use a planner. So much of being successful is being able to manage your time and your energy. I have a 15-minute planner where I can map out not just my day, but my hour.  I also recommended finding a great mentor and picking up a good business book as often as you can. My favorite read so far is The Power of Positive Thinking. 

Last question, what are you doing outside of work?!

Great question! I’m always hanging out with my husky, Titan, walking him around town, finding new brunch spots, and spending quality time with the team. I love what I do and I’m committed to my goals both inside & outside of work!

Mikaela, you are truly one of a kind and the most amazing addition to our team at Resilience Inc. Thank you for setting the example of excellence. We can’t wait to see you hit all your goals and some this year!


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