Bringing Her A-Game: Bailey’s Story

Once a month here at Resilience Inc, we recognize a rising star in our company whose performance, attitude, and results are second to none; someone who, upon maintaining that stride, is destined for management within our company. This month, we wanted to showcase a soccer superstar who’s currently excelling through her advanced leadership development and raising the bar for all those around her, Bailey Greubel!

Bailey, what an honor! Tell us more about what shaped you into the person you are today!

Ok! I grew up 45 minutes outside of St. Louis with two amazing parents and younger sister. I’ve always been really athletic and competitive, so I started playing soccer at the age of 4. That dedication and time invested led to a college scholarship at Quincy University, where I played D3 soccer for the next 4 years! My mom is a grade school art teacher, my father who passed a year and a half ago inspired me to be a businesswoman, and my younger sister is currently in college in Colorado!

Tell us about your time at Quincy?

It was amazing. I studied sports communication with a specialty in broadcast journalism and really thrived in that industry. Between several internships and playing soccer at a collegiate level, I graduated in May 2018 feeling extremely prepared and ready to enter the business world. Seeing as how I had discovered a lot of the communication side of my degree, I knew it was time to learn more about the marketing & sales aspect. That was when I found Resilience Inc online!

What did you instantly notice about the company?
I noticed how much it was like being on a sports team, in the sense that the harder you practiced, the more playing time you got! I loved the competitiveness that everyone brought, and the room for growth based on performance. I know with that kind of business model and my work ethic, I can grow rapidly.
What’s the best lesson you’ve learned so far in business and what advice do you have to share?
The best lesson I’ve learned is to be competitive but not TOO competitive. There’s a difference between hating to lose and dying to win. I always want to do my best, but I would rather see the entire team succeed – not just myself. The advice I have for anyone reading this blog is to never remain stagnant. It’s easy to, but don’t do it. Always learn, always ask questions, and always know that you can do better – you just have to make a conscious decision to.
What are your goals within the company?! 
I look to be promoted to an Assistant Management position within 4 months. At that time, I’ll learn more operational aspects of the business like interviewing, human resources, and client relations, which I think will fit in perfectly with my Communication degree. Seeing as how I love home, I want to stay in The Lou and help our client expand across the Greater STL area. I love the big city but small town, traditional feel, and want to keep exploring that!
Bailey, your energy is absolutely contagious. We know that between your charisma, confidence, and character, you will achieve everything you dream here at Resilience Inc and some. We’re extremely proud of your growth so far and can’t wait to watch your continued development. Keep up the tremendous work!



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