Giving It Everything She’s Got: Elena’s Story

When it comes down to it, success is a choice. Better yet, its a compilation of years of smart decision making and a conscious effort to be better on a daily basis. It’s a choice Elena Smith, Corporate Trainer here at Resilience Inc makes on a daily basis.

Born in Houston, TX, the youngest child to a family of 5, Elena grew up equally balanced between both academics and athletics. Working to please both her mom, whose passion was school, and her father, whose interest was sports, Elena became as well rounded as they come, juggling softball, volleyball, tennis, swimming, basketball, and classes. A power forward on her varsity basketball team, Elena learned how to take charge and control out of what she wanted both in and out of the game.

Her 2 older, twin brothers, Adam & Armin, were at the time attending Tougaloo College and following in their footsteps, enrolled her freshman year with a focus on both Psychology and English. Despite the entirely new city, state, and school, Elena’s brothers helped her through every step of the way.

After college, Elena moved back to Texas to care for her ailing mother and started looking for jobs in the telecommunications field. Hoping to use her psychology degree by working face to face with people in a fast, growing environment, Elena got her wish when she was hired by T-Mobile in Columbus, OH. Transitioning from a sales lead to an Assistant Manager and finally to an Operations Manager in the business services sector, Elena steadily climbed her way up the company, making her choice, as always, to “be so good.”

When she outgrew that career opportunity, Elena transitioned to work for Verizon, again as a Business Sales Operations Manager, and then finally back to TMobile, this time in Bloomington, IL as a District Training Manager. Despite progressing with each of her companies, Elena still felt like she wasn’t working with the right organization or reaching her full potential. She decided to move back closer to family (one of her brothers had moved to St Louis) and started looking for employment in Missouri online.

It wasn’t long after she began looking that Elena was contacted by Amber Gann, Human Resources Manager here at Resilience Inc. Immediately attracted to Amber’s energy and genuine love for her job, Elena drove down for an interview. Within 3 weeks, she was offered a full-time position as an Account Manager and in another 3 weeks had relocated from IL to MO.

Since starting with the company in the middle of July, Elena has seen that on top of making the conscious decision to win, you also have to have an attitude that matches it — a positive, steady attitude that can overcome any challenge or hurdle. She quotes, “If you’re willing to put in the work, give the effort, and maintain a positive attitude throughout it, you’ll reap the rewards.”

A fitness fanatic who loves helping people and is motivated by seeing others grow, Elena’s goal is to move into a management position within the next year and support her wife, her rock, Maya, and their 3 sons who are 8,7 and 1 1/2! Deciding to give her work everything shes got in order to supply her family with the life they deserve, Elena comes to work every day ready to make it happen.

Our excitement for Elena’s success here at Resilience Inc is undeniable and our willingness to help her develop goes without question. After all, when you work with someone who is that committed to success, there’s nothing to do but give them everything you’ve got in return!


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