Meet Rayce Singbush: Senior Account Manager

Welcome to Resilience Inc., where our top priority is our team. After all, a happy team is a productive team. This month, we wanted to highlight one of the team members who constantly radiates positivity, Rayce Singbush. The senior account manager has been with the team for over a year and has become an invaluable piece of our culture.

Born and raised in Geneseo, Illinois, Singbush remembers his childhood as an athletic one. “My experience with athletics was highly influential in my development,” says Singbush, “sports established discipline in me. Going to practice day in and day out fostered my mentality and taught me that things that are not necessarily enjoyable now will pay off in the long run.” Despite these experiences, Singbush is more than just an athlete. “One word that describes me would be empathetic,” says Singbush, “I’m all about perspective and seeing things from more sides than just mine.”

“My dad was a division one football player and my mom claims (haha) she was great at softball. I played baseball and football in high school and to spare my mom constant heart attacks, I ended up pursuing baseball in college. This molded my ability to power through a strenuous situation with a no-quit mentality until the job is done. I love anything that has a ball, a team, and is competitive.”

After graduating from high school, Singbush went on to study accounting at Lindenwood University. Alongside his studies, the athlete played baseball for all four years and served as a leader in multiple collegiate committees. As for his own time, Singbush thrives in the video game world. “I have been a video game addict since I was born,” says Singbush, “it was a way to show up my older brothers because I couldn’t quite win a physical fight. We would settle things Super Smash Bros style.”

For all of his personal and professional growth, Singbush thanks those closest to him. “I have a very supportive family,” says Singbush, “I feel very lucky because so much of the stress I see within people my age come from the standards or expectations placed on them by their parents. Instead of doing what makes them most happy, they choose to do something that will please their parents. Luckily, that has never been my situation. Ultimately, do something that makes you excited to get up in the morning and happy to be alive, my parents taught me.”

“The things I have learned this past year trump all of my years of schooling. Interviewing, training, and learning how to sell yourself have been valuable lessons I have developed from this career.” As for his future, Singbush knows what he wants. “I want the freedom to do whatever I please. I am as mobile as a car, so I hope to run my own business in a different part of the country.”





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