Building and Maintaining Momentum Towards Your Goals

So far, 2021 has treated our team here at Resilience Inc well. We’ve continued to build off of the momentum that we built over the last few months and plan to continue pushing closer and closer to our goals. The past year was challenging, to say the least, but we thrived because of two things. 1: We were resilient and refused to allow anything, even a pandemic, to stop us from growing. 2: When obstacles landed in our path, we were adaptable and learned how to go with the flow. The momentum that we built over the past twelve months has set us up for a successful year. We learned a lot during this time and are eager to share some tips with you! Knowledge deserves to be shared, most definitely in such difficult times.

“Commitment is the ignitor of momentum.” – Peg Wood

Are you fully committed to your goals? Before we dive further into the steps behind momentum, we need to know that your future is your top priority. You see, achieving success is challenging, and to excel, you need to give your all; this doesn’t mean that your career is all that you invest your time in. We are supporters of having a work-life balance and dedicating time to self-care. Our point is that when it’s go time, you need to be ready to hustle. The first step to building momentum is to work the hardest you’ve ever worked. At the start of the pandemic, instead of pulling back the reins, we pushed forward and put in the hours. Now, we are reaping the benefits of our dedication.

Next, you need to get your mindset in tune with your long-term goals. Instead of thinking about how far you are from your goals, think about how far you’ve come; this is called reverse-gap thinking. If you are constantly fretting over your timeline, you’ll always feel like you are one step behind. However, if you concentrate on your progress, you’ll recognize your personal growth. Maintaining momentum towards your goals relies on your ability to keep your head in the game. To do so, you need to self-reflect and push your positives!

Our final bit of advice is to lean on your support system. When you feel like taking your foot off the gas, call up your mentor and explain what’s happening. They have been where you are; they know what it feels like to be burnt out. Utilize their years of experience to your benefit. Success is a team sport. To excel professionally, you have to have people in your corner pulling for you! So, the next time you feel like quitting, pick up the phone and get your mind back in check.

There you go, entrepreneurs! Building and maintaining momentum towards your goals, although not easy, is very achievable. All you have to do is stay committed, keep your mind in line, and utilize your mentor! Easy enough, right? Thriving professionally is challenging, let alone amid a global pandemic. Hopefully, these tips help you gain the momentum that you need to prosper over the upcoming months. Remember, what you do today impacts what you achieve tomorrow!

From our team at Resilience Inc, good luck, and here’s to a successful 2021!


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