Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Did you know that 25% of people have glossophobia or the fear of public speaking? It is entirely understandable to be nervous when sharing your ideas with a large group of people. However, our team here at Resilience Inc knows just how impactful these presentations can be. As an entrepreneur, you have knowledge worth sharing with others. Do not allow nerves to hinder not only your progress but the progress of those around you. Today, we are sharing our thoughts on glossophobia, why it is crucial to face your fear, and ways to help you kick it to the curb!

How many times has someone spoken to you about the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone throughout the years? We are going to assume it has been too many to count. There is a reason that business leaders preach this topic over and over again. Success is not achieved by those that take the easy way out. It is achieved by individuals willing to push themselves, by those that take note of their fears and learn ways to overcome them. Presenting your ideas is scary, no matter your level of comfortability standing up in front of others. The key is to take stock of who you are as a leader.

Like we said earlier, you have knowledge worth sharing. Your ideas are important, and not sharing them because you are scared is selfish. Think back to when you have improved your skills or been motivated because someone else in the room had the confidence to stand up and speak. Without the words of others, you would not be where you are in life or your career right now. Do not hinder the growth of those around you because of a lack of self-confidence. Be a leader that lifts others, not one that hides in the crowd silently.

Now, we get it; this is all easier said than done. We can talk about the importance of facing your fears all day, but what good is that if we don’t also share how you can build up confidence? To start, you have to be prepared. Have all parts of your presentation laid out and organized. Next, it is time to practice. Run through your speech multiple times. At first, by yourself in front of a mirror. Then, have your mentor listen in; they will be more than happy to provide tips and feedback! Lastly, get to know the individuals that you will be presenting to. By following these three tips, you are guaranteed to walk into your meeting feeling confident, which will allow you to feel comfortable speaking in public.

Putting yourself in uncomfortable positions is never easy, but it is worth it. To develop into a strong business leader, you have to lead others, and the only way to do that is to share your knowledge and ideas with them. Our team here at Resilience Inc hopes that after reading this, you will come to realize that you are not alone in your fear of public speaking and that by facing this fear, you are setting yourself up for success!


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