The Best Way To Prepare For Graduation

If there is one thing that all college undergraduates share in common, it is the pressure of graduation and what comes along with it. From networking to applying for new jobs, today, we will list a few tips that have helped our team members here at Resilience Inc gather more experience before their graduation. Every student goes through different processes, but these tips can help anyone in any career field.

Get On LinkedIn

LinkedIn works wonders when you’re looking for a job in your field, and it is a great way to connect with employers and alums. Unfortunately, not all universities have staff on hand to help students polish their profiles. We urge you not to let this prevent you from setting up an account. Figuring out the site by yourself is a great way to learn all of the ways of LinkedIn and show your authentic self. Another LinkedIn tip – send personal notes along with invitations to connect! Most people add employers to add connections, but sending thank-you letters is a better way to stand out.

Attend Career Fairs

Taking advantage of the resources your university has to offer is a great way to prepare yourself for life after graduation. Attending career fairs, even as a freshman, allows you to meet new people and learn how to break out of your comfort zone. Employers also provide you with feedback based on your resume and the information given to you about a company; you can see where you’d fit best. Even if you do not get an offer or an interview, as a student, you are still putting yourself out there and building meaningful connections, which is equally as important. Most students find jobs based on connections made during career fairs or other university conferences.

Apply To Jobs That Interest You

This might seem like the most excruciating tip out of the rest because it does take time to complete applications. When you are job hunting, you gather information and know what type of companies would most likely fit best with and others you might want to stay away from. Also, it’s very important when a company extends an invitation to interview with you because you always gain experience and become more comfortable speaking to professionals. As mentioned before, you might not always get a job offer as an undergraduate, but all these steps will shape you to be better prepared for the future. Do not get discouraged if you find yourself continuously applying for jobs and can’t seem to land anywhere. The experience and the process are what matters most. The job will come when you are ready and more confident, so in the meantime, practice!

To conclude, we want to clarify that every student approaches graduation using different methods. Still, these worked best for members of our team here at Resilience Inc. Once you start connecting with more employers and become confident in yourself, you will learn that not every job opportunity will build the path that you were meant to be on. It is better to have options to choose from than just picking anything thrown your way; this is why we want to emphasize the importance of connecting with people because connections will help you find your perfect job, just like we did!


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